About Us

Originally from California and after many years of living throughout the South we are now based out of Nashville Tennessee. With over 15 years of retail and fashion experience I decided to create a new brand line hype worthy but with a positive influence on the culture. 
SALVA a Latin term referencing being well, alive, and safe was the first brand we launched. Quickly followed with ATROXCITY a brand that pays homage to the street art culture which is alive and well in Nashville.
Then dopaMINE a street brand that is influenced by our individual natural hormone of happiness that is achieved through our lifestyle like skateboarding, dancing, singing etc. rather than through artificial stimulants.
HOT CHICKEN NASHVILLE represents our home and the street culture that this region has and is influencing the overall culture world-wide. The original Hot Chicken belongs to Nashville. Be Original.
Finally BULLY a streetwear brand that addresses the anti-bully message through an original platform incorporates my own bully; my bulldog as a new champion to face down this negative cultural practice. Thank you for supporting small business, local, positive, and originality through our streetwear brands.